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登録日: 2006.09.12
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記事日時: Fri Sep 29, 2006 4:35 pm    記事の件名: ENGLISH 引用付きで返信

Dreamland - Zoning Ruleset: Togenkyo V1.1

These zoning rules apply to the sim Togenkyo.


Togenkyo is a mature sim for Japanese speaking residents who like to build, be creative and have fun. Togenkyo is a place were residents can have their home or workshop, build fun stuff and generally have a nice, fun and peaceful time.

The center of the region, about 1/4 of sim, is public area. There are dance hall, community shop and sand box. Please used them for community space. For newbies, there are some 512sqm plots to use for free during the first month in Second Life. SLJapan member can extend one more month, max 2 months. Also there is an apartment beside newbie lands which is offered as same condition as 512sqm lands. Renting land here is also available. Price list is at see rent fees. Both premium and basic account players can own land here. Rent fee will be charged by Anshe Chung, not Linden Lab. It means that basic account players can have their own land without upgrading to premium account, stipend remains in L$50/week though.

We don't want malls or high lag establishments here. Having said this of course you can invite friends to play games with you or hold a home party and open a shop. Where exactly the line has to be drawn is judged on case by case basis by sim management.


o No griefer structures and trash. If necessary judgement on a case by case basis will be done by 5 randomly selected Dreamland residents.
o To preserve a consistent landscape, terraforming is subject to approval by sim management.
o No huge shopping mall.
o No huge gathering place such as club and casino.
o No renting store space.


o No high lag scripts with lots of listeners etc.
o Number of casino machines and Tringo games are limited by sim management.
o No spy scripts
o No scripts that transmit data directly or indirectly to external databases unless explicitly permitted by sim management.
o Security scripts only if 1) they do not hinder access to other parcels in the sim and 2) if they give visitors ample warning and enough time to leave the parcel before being teleported.
o We reserve the right to limit number of active scripts residents use on their land if performance of sim gets too low. A good target value in accordance with Linden Lab's recommendations is 11 active scripts per 2048sqm or 350 active scripts per sim.


Condition of renting

o Both apartment and newbie land has same condition of renting. All SL players who create their first account in less than one month can rent it for free. SLJapan member can extend it up to 2 months.
o No renting both apartment room and newbie land at the same time.
o Apartment and newbie land resident can chose apartment room or newbie land and move at anytime.
o Residents can rent apartment room or newbie land even if they own lands outside of Togenkyo.
o Apartment residents must keep their items placed in their room less than 90 prims total. Newbie land residents would be restricted by land prim limit.

For apartment

o It is possible newbie can stay after free offer is over. Renting fee for one month is L$90.
o However, if anyone want to rent a room and there is no empty one, we will ask you to move out in one week.
o Renting fee of apartment will be used for SIM management and event.
o Apartment is managed by a special group for it.

For 512sqm lands

o Building object must not occupy more than 300m2 in the land. This is not size of the building touching the ground. It is the size of the building shadow when watching from top of it.
o Building must not exceed 15m height from waterline.
o No extreme land editing that can change landscape of the SIM.


The community shop at the center of SIM can be used by Togenkyo residents and SLJapan member freely. This shop is for creators displaying their works as sample, so it should not be really commercial way. Vendor script and anything cause lag or disturbing appearance of the shop are not allowed. There are not many space in the shop, so please manage it by users respecting each other. This shop is for creators who have just started selling items but not really ready for owning a shop outside of Togenkyo.


The dance hall at the middle of sim called ROPPONGI is for Togenkyo residents and visitors holding events. We have party once or twice in a week. Please join it or even run it if you have plan. It could be a little laggy around ROPPONGI during the events, but it should not effect to the rest of the sim so much. We do not allowed to run 24 hours 365 days party at ROPPONGI. It must be residents and their friends fun for sometimes.


Exceptions to some of these rules may be allowed if residents unanonymously agree and those changes don't effect the experience in neighbour sims.


o No harassment or stalking
o No sexual harassment
o No unconsensual player vs. player combat
o No littering of objects on other residents' land
o No leaving unnecessary objects on public space


Land is provided as is to residents. We try our best to provide a pleasant experience that is in line with the expectations of our customers. However we can not guarantee a certain look, theme, frame rate, telehub location, location of the sim on the map or any other specific sim settings except for it being a mature rated generally artistic and residential sim.
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